“We solve unique problems with appropriate solutions.”
KwalityTel is a privately held technology company.  We focus on providing services and solutions to our clients. This includes a variety of applications using both telephony and internet technologies. This includes new Front End interfaces for existing applications or gateways.

Gateway Services are used for either TDM or VoIP networks for diverse services. Commercial or private networks are able to interact using many different technologies.

WEB Applications cover simple web sites to complex technical or interactive sites. This includes applications that send or receive messages between mixed technologies and/or social media applications.

IVR Services include interactive voice response service in front of other more complex systems. These services can perform simple inbound call management, outbound automated surveys, or unique security applications.

Call Center Services incorporate both service and software products. Both services and software products are available for inbound/outbound calls that can be fully integrated with customer relationship management systems (CRMs).

Design/Consulting Services gives our clients access to senior experienced network engineers. We are able to support your needs for elements of IP networks, telephone carrier networks, mobile networks, satellite, and fiber networks.

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